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Besides being known for tasty Khakhra, Dhokla and thepla, Gujarat is also famous for celebrating every occasion with Garba. The word Garba originates from the sanskrit word Garbhdeep, which an earthen pot, where a lamp is lit and signifies the divine soul in the human body.

Dandiya Ras or Garba is usually performed by Men and Women in colorful attire and music playing with live Orchestra. The launching of festivities begins with Navratri, which goes on for 9 days.It culminates into the 10th day as Dussehra.” Celebrating the Hindu deity Shakti, meaning Strength or Power, ‘Nava’ means ‘Nine’ and ‘Ratri’ means nights in Sanskrit. The nine forms of Shakti/Devi are worshipped with Dandiya Raas a traditional folk dance. It also dates back to days in Vrindavan when Lord Krishna played his flute and danced with his Gopis.

So get ready for an energetic performance by Rangeelo dance group and travel to the lanes of Gujarat with them. This performance is Coordinated & Choreographed by Hiral Patel & Sarvesh Patel.

Performers: Bhavini Patel, Monali Patel, Nishi Patel, Tisha Shah, Shyna Shah, Rhea Shah, Fiona Kranz, Khushi Bhatt, Nishi Gandhi, Foram Vyas, Prachi Rana, Stuti Maru, Vaishavi Chauhan, Trishna Dodhia

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