• Main Stage @ The Spanda (map)
  • Geoffrey Bolton Avenue
  • Perth, WA, 6000
  • Australia

In olden times, the ancient gypsy tribes from Rajasthan, India celebrated the art of sharing tales through singing and dancing. These storytellers known as Kathakars travelled throughout Asia into the Middle East - sharing their art across foreign lands - creating a new amalgam that eventually became Flamenco. The passion of the flamenco dancer’s feet is matched in the precision of the footwork and the hundred bells of a kathak dancer’s ankles. Shivering and shaking with the response to the body on fire with the stories of love, the dancers draw you into feeling that fire within. So watch in awe and let your hearts be warmed, as the flames of vitality and beauty from the flamenco mingle with the eloquent grace and precision of kathak – both, with their Feet on Fire.

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