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Rated: G | Running time: 45 mins

Winner of The Public Choice Award at the 10th International Large Format Film (IMAX) festival in Paris,

Mystic India is an epic journey into the land and soul of India. It takes the viewer through spectacular scenes from the icy peaks of the Himalayas to the cool blue Lake Mansarovar, into the wild jungles of the Sunderbans and the forests of Assam, through barren deserts and the silent shores of South India. India's silent spirituality makes her a mystic land of meditation, contemplation and enlightenment.

The film's breathtaking visuals describe a unique journey across India through the eyes of an 11 year-old child-yogi, Nilkanth. This is his true story. Starting in 1792, Nilkanth embarked on a spiritual quest, journeying 7,500 miles for seven years through the length and breadth of India. Through the telling of his story of inspiration, the film explores the majesty and mysticism of India's art and architecture, music and dance, faces and festivals, customs and costumes. Throughout his journey, Nilkanth conveyed profound messages of love, service and harmony; expressing one of India's greatest gifts to the world -- its unity in diversity.


"Colorful, respectful and features cinematography (by Reed Smoot) so flat-out beautiful that you'll spend most of its 40 minutes with your mouth open." -- Kansas City Star
"Utterly fills the screen with wondrous images of a place that few will ever have the chance to explore this fully in person." -- Orlando Sentinel
"The film celebrates India's diversity and makes a strong and moving plea for unity among the peoples of the world." -- Dallas Morning News
"The film is a visual stunner that reveals a story few Westerners are familiar with. Surveys show that the title is appealing and our audiences gave the film high marks." -- Wendy Grant, Director of Communications Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, San Diego, USA

Actors: Peter O'Toole (Narrator-English), Latesh Patel, Rupak Mehta Directors: Keith Melton, Reed Smoot (Director of Cinematography), Sam Cardon & Ronu Majumdar (Music Composers), Mose Richards (Scriptwriter).


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