• State Theatre Centre of WA (map)
  • 263 Beaufort St
  • Perth
  • Australia

Soul Speak | Art Exhibition

Free entry: 10 - 5pm weekdays/weekends* 

State Theatre Centre of WA

An artwork is a live entity. It speaks to the mind of the artist even before it is created. It continues to grow, interact and morph into an experience, that lasts forever in psyche of the observer. Soul Speak is a strikingly beautiful, thought-provoking collection of private artworks inspired by music and rhythm. Perth-based, artist-dancer Sarasa Krishnan and artist-musician Subhashini Balasubramanian bring a uniqueness in approach to their creation, which speak a similar language. A speaking, a conversation, an expression of a longing from the soul.

* Entry conditions

Entry times subject to change without prior notice:

  • Weekdays from 10am - 5pm

  • Weekends: To be confirmed