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  • Supreme Court Gardens
  • Perth
  • Australia

Masters of Qawwali Sufi music Ustad Fareed Ayaz, Ustad Abu Muhammad Qawwal and Brothers are an acclaimed and award-winning Qawwali group from Pakistan, popular for their Sufi performances and have performed extensively across Europe, USA, Canada and Asia Pacific. 

About Qawwali
Qawwali considered as music is a group song performed by qawwals, professional musicians who perform in groups led by one or two solo singers. Qawwals present mystical poetry in Farsi, Hindi and Urdu in a fluid style of alternating solo and group passages characterized by repetition and improvisation. The vigorous drum accompaniment on the barrel-shaped dholak is reinforced by handclapping while the small portable harmonium, usually in the hands of the lead singer, underscores the song melody. A Qawwali song normally begins with an Instrumental Prelude on the harmonium; then an Introductory Verse is sung as a solo recitative without drums, leading directly into the song proper: a mystical poem set to a strophic tune and performed by the entire group of Qawwals.