This year the Swan Festival is highlighting the beautiful state of Kerala and its unique cultural heritage. Thus the 3 visual artists have chosen the theme of the Elephants of the Pooram Festival held annually in Kerala. 

The Elephant is also symbolic of strength, wisdom, patience and perseverance. These qualities are essential for humanity, particularly in the present world political climate, to meet the challenges. Cultures coming together forms the basis of the Swan Festival of Light. Harmony in Diversity. A celebration of the human spirit in overcoming immense challenges that are faced. The Elephant Mural will be created with not only acrylic paint on board but will be painted with light. The large mural will come alive with multiple lights embedded within its design.

Perth Community Interaction
During 5.30 - 6.30 on 29/10, the Perth community will be given a unique chance to place their hand print on the mural in specified areas that will be intern be converted as lights that are offered to the spirit of the Swan River.

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